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segunda-feira, 14 de fevereiro de 2011

Fez-seBook : when a pun is turned into a Creative Project

Fez-seBook: A multi-professional "Word-network" will write a book in 24 hours using FaceBook

-" What is FaceBook for ? " - ask those who do not belong to the social network.
- "Why do I waste so much time, for so little reward?" - asks a large number of the 600 million members (as of January 2011)...
Leonardo Fuks - a musician, engineer and professor at Rio de Janeiro Federal University - is trying to answer these questions in a practical and productive way: proposing the project of writing an entire book through collaboration, using FaceBook alone as both tool and medium.
The original proposal was posted on January 28 2011, by means of a simple note on FB.
The name of the project is an obvious but powerful pun in Portuguese: "Fez-se" , pronounced just like face, means "has been done", as it commonly appears in biblical texts.
The book will be created during a single day of intensive and interactive work.
Within about six hours of posting, a group of more than twenty friends had gathered ready to work on the project, all excited by this original experiment on the internet.
In 24hours of real-time engagement, we expect the book to be conceived, written, revised, illustrated and made available online.
Each chapter will have a curator, who is in charge of writing and combining all comments and suggestions provided by the other collaborators.
This collaborative team includes a TV producer, poets, literature teachers, arts students, translators, photographers, journalists, composers, designers, choreographers, engineers and a computer scientist. Just to kick off...

The first book will be on the theme "the act of writing" ("A Escrita", in Portuguese), and one chapter will be in English, curated by British editor Sophie Lewis, a newcomer to Brazil.

To follow the whole process of the book production and to be a member of the group Fez-seBook, use the link below

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